University of Maryland


Elisabeth Asher, PhD Student, iSchool

Nathan Beard, PhD Student, iSchool 

Elizabeth M. Bonsignore, Assistant Research Scientist and Director of KidsTeam, iSchool

Cody Buntain, Assistant Professor, iSchool; New Jersey Institute of Technology Affiliate; Center for Social Media and Politics at NYU

Susan Campbell, Cybersecurity Lecturer, iSchool; Associate Research Scientist, ARLIS

Samuel DiBella, PhD Student, iSchool

Vedat G. Diker, Executive Director of Academics; Faculty Director, MS Human-Computer Interaction, iSchool

Lovely-Frances Domingo, PhD Student, iSchool

Josiah Dykstra, Technical Fellow; Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, National Security Agency

Julie Haney, Usable Cybersecurity Researcher, NIST

Charles Harry, Associate Research Professor, iSchool; Director of operations, MAGIC Senior Research Associate; CISSM, School of Public Policy

Katherine Izsak, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, iSchool

Shawn Janzen, PhD candidate; STC Coordinator; CASCI Fellow

Pratima Kshetry, Adjunct Lecturer, iSchool; Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Shannon Lantzy, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Martin Loeb, Professor, Smith School of Business

Wayne Lutters, Associate Professor, iSchool

Keith Marzullo, Professor and Dean, iSchool

Laura Mateczun, Member of the Maryland Bar; PhD student, University of Maryland Baltimore County School of Public Policy. STC Guest Speaker

Zothan Mawii, PhD Student, iSchool

Kathleen Moore, Associate Professor; IA, James Madison University

Donald Norris, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland Baltimore County School of Public Policy; STC Guest Speaker

Jason R.C. Nurse, Associate Professor in Cyber Security, University of Kent; Visiting Academic, University of Oxford

Patrick Parham, PhD Student, iSchool

David Patrick, Adjunct Lecturer (Subject Matter Expert at DSA), iSchool

TJ Rainsford, PhD Student, iSchool

Galina Madjaroff Reitz, Faculty Program Director & Senior Lecturer, iSchool

Mols Sauter, Assistant Professor, iSchool

Ido Sivan-Sevilla, Assistant Professor, iSchool; Postdoctoral fellow, Cornell Tech Digital Life Initiative

Steve Sin, Director, Unconventional Weapons and Technology Division (UWT), UMD START

Rebecca Slayton, Associate Professor, Dept. of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University

James Shires, Assistant Professor, Institute for Security and Global Affairs, University of Leiden Fellow; Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council; STC Guest Speaker

Shauhin Talesh, Professor, University of California, Irvine School of Law.; STC Guest Speaker

Jessica Vitak, Associate Professor, iSchool; Affiliate Professor, Communication Dept.; Co-Director, CASCI; Associate Director, HCIL

Ping Wang, Associate Professor, iSchool

Susan Winter, Associate Dean for Research, iSchool

Rachel Yang, PhD student, iSchool